Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

Trying to keep a garden looking lush, green and healthy is a huge challenge for pet owners.

Unsightly urine stains in dry weather. Mud baths when it rains. Torn grass is another problem. Pets can cause irreversible damage to natural lawns. Reseeding and fertilising to repair lawn damage can be a thankless task. Excluding curious paws and noses from reseeded areas or toxic chemicals is challenging. Mud transported into your home from pets is another issue. Artificial grass offers the perfect solution. No need to compromise between having a great looking garden and a safe and happy pet. No more muddy paws trekked through your home.

From stain patches to digging damage, lawn maintenance has many daily challenges.  Not to mention the dangers faced by animals from grass preserving pesticides.  Outside time is important for pets.  Owners want a friendly and safe environment for pets to run, roll, play and go to the toilet.  Our furry friends often do not share our concerns about preserving the look of our lawns.  With a pet-friendly lawn from The Artificial Grass Company Scotland, you and your furry companion can enjoy your outdoor space without worry.

Advances in fake grass technology means more choice for realistic looking artificial lawns.  They feel great too.  The Artificial Grass Company Scotland has an extensive range of products.  For an affordable solution to get the pet-friendly lawn of your dreams now, we offer amazing payment options.  You can choose 0% APR financing or our Buy Now Pay Later funding deal.  Additionally, you can opt to spread the costs further with an exceedingly low rate of interest.  See our How To Pay section for more information.   

Stain Free and Easy to Clean

With our artificial grass range and installation system you can worry less.  Pet toilet stains are a thing of the past.  Our artificial lawns are permeable, allowing pet urine to drain through.  Solids are easier to remove.  Hygienic too.  Animal poo and urine will not damage artificial grass fibres.  Our artificial grass lawns are pet friendly and built to last.

No Harmful Chemical Danger

Take away the worry and enjoy a healthy-looking lawn all year round with artificial grass.  No need for harmful fertilisers or other chemicals.  Our artificial grass lawns are safe for pets and children.

Perfect for Small Outdoor Areas

Artificial grass brings small outdoor areas to life. It maximises the potential for owners and pets to enjoy. Our team have experience transforming a variety of small and unusual shaped spaces. Patio areas, decking, balconies, you name it. No job is too big, too small or too unusual for our expert team.

Our artificial grass range is porous and UV stabilised. It is suitable for installation on a variety of surfaces, including decking. Our installation team will ensure the system has excellent drainage. This is vital to wash away pet urine in a safe and hygienic way.

Imagine the pleasure your animal will have with artificial grass. A soft, cushioned synthetic grass area to sleep and stretch out on!

Great for Kennel Runs

There is a growing demand for artificial turf for commercial kennels. Artificial grass is great for doggie day care centres too. Rather than gravel or concrete, artificial grass is proving the perfect solution. Fake grass is easy to keep clean and maintain. Artificial grass provides a happier experience for dogs to play, roll and run on. The surface feels like real grass.
Synthetic turf saves dog day care businesses money and time in lawn maintenance. This enables them to concentrate efforts on what they do best – caring for your pets. Kennel owners with artificial grass report an increase in positive responses at playtime. Dogs enjoy the springy, soft feel of the ground. They report that dogs benefit from healthy outdoor exercise and socialising with other dogs more. The best part is no muddy paws or fur when owners collect their dogs.

For your free site survey, contact The Artificial Grass Company Scotland today. Our team cover the whole of Scotland and fit the best quality artificial grass available.