Back Gardens

Artificial grass is at the heart of what we do.

The Artificial Grass Company Scotland team will transform your back garden. Family, friends and your pets will enjoy spending time in the garden. Artificial grass will be at the heart of your outdoor socialising. No more mowing. Green, lush and inviting all year round.

The back garden is the most trodden under foot part of your lawn areas. Using the correct sub-base is important. Our team will survey your property to determine what your project requires. To qualify for the 8-year warranty, you need the proper sub-base in the correct amount. A seasoned Scottish garden and a new build property have different requirements. Our team of experts have the knowledge to ensure your project gets exactly what it needs.   

Does your back garden resemble a mud bath?  Houses built on clay-based soil without added drainage often have unusable back gardens. With the addition of proper drainage and the correct sub-base, artificial grass offers the perfect solution.  No more mud.  A beautiful green usable garden.

Artificial grass is perfect for areas that need the addition of soft height. Our height critical products are ideal to protect children and those who need a soft-landing surface in case of a fall. 

Can you envision relaxing in the back garden after a hard day’s work? Has it rained all day? With a back garden by The Artificial Grass Company Scotland, the kids can play outside after the rain. The best part is that they will come back indoors without tracking mud throughout your home.

Imagine inviting your friends and loved ones around for a barbeque. Even if it rained that morning, with an artificial grass back garden your plans can still go ahead. When it comes to outdoor living, your back garden is the biggest room in your house! Are you ready to use your back garden all year round? 

For your free site survey, contact The Artificial Grass Company Scotland today. Our team cover the whole of Scotland and fit the best quality artificial grass available.

Your rear garden will be the most trodden under foot part of your lawn areas.

A very important part of your artificial rear lawn is to use the correct sub-base for your project. From the seasoned Scottish garden for houses that are pre-eighty to hundred years plus of age, to the new build houses that tend now to be built on very clay based soil with no added drainage creating a mud bath in the rear garden .Our sub-base preparation will Include a survey to determine the correct sub-base for your property, From wet non draining garden properties to areas that need additional soft height critical products, to protect children and young adults and those who need a soft surface in the event of a fall.

We specialise In areas that need additional drainage added to give you a lawn that you can use all year round and will last twenty years plus! The Service that is provided for all our customers when discussing there rear garden artificial lawn is a consultative process from the start that will help you choose the correct solution for your garden project, your family and your pets, to enable you with the correct solution for the rear garden project.

The next step to obtaining a beautiful low maintenance artificial lawn is to get in contact and arrange your free survey.

Some of our recent back garden installs