Schools & Nurseries

Child Safety is the key.

Schools, Nursery’s, Universities & Colleges are all benefitting from our latest products development in grass technology with the introduction of new super hard wearing yarns that are not only soft but also very realistic looking.

The following areas have all been transformed using applications involving artificial grass;

  • School Leisure Areas
  • Play Parks with Climbing Equipment
  • Multi Play areas
  • Tennis Courts & Rugby Training Pitches
  • Five-a-side pitches
  • Hockey & Football Pitches

Whilst the supply and fit of specialised sports surfaces are all handled by our own national dedicated division we have seen a huge leap in schools requiring our specially designed products to be used on all heavily trafficked grass areas preventing the transfer of mud and mess from these playgrounds and open areas entering back into the school.

Gone are the days of children playing a game on a rainy day during their break and creating a mud path all the way back into their classroom…it’s over. The products that we use for these areas come with a staggering 10 Year warranty if they are annually maintained , but should last anywhere beyond fifteen years when correctly looked after.

As a requirement for all schools our manufactures products are fully accredited with all official testing and certification. As well as being members of all the leading landscape institutions (HTA SGD APL and BALI) they are also independently audited for ISO 9001 and 14001. We have all insurances as well as public and employees liability in place.For areas that require fall height protection and where a school may have climbing equipment we work closely with independent testing houses who can check all our work and independently give you testing results to ensure that all criteria is met.

We are more than happy, if required, to come and present to a boards of Grosvenor’s as well as PTA’s so we can share all our expertise and ensure that all parties are made aware of all the necessary criteria in order to get a professional quote. When it comes to large inward investment you need to be dealing with a professional company with full infrastructure that can support you for the next ten years.

If you are looking for a sports field, multi- play area or even just a shaded areas click on the contact us and we can arrange Free Sample or Free Survey and see how we can transform your school play area today.

The Installation Process.

Below are a few images documenting the process of a recent nursery we worked on. Now thanks to artificial grass, the children can use the outdoor area at any time of the year!