Types of Artificial Grass

New Build Garden

Our artificial grass is ideal for your new build property. Don’t let mess, mud or torn grass spoil the look of your brand new home. Keep your garden looking brand new all year long with our clean, durable and practical eye-catching fake grass. Enjoy a realistic look and feel with our advanced products.

Artificial Grass Replacement 

Is your artificial grass in need of some TLC? 

Find the perfect artificial grass replacement with The Artificial Grass Company Scotland! 

We supply top quality, realistic looking artificial grass. Our grasses are pet and child friendly, long lasting, and come with an 8 or 10-year warranty. With years of artificial grass experience, you can be certain that you are in the safest of hands.

Child Friendly Artificial Grass

Enjoy child friendly artificial grass in your home, school or nursery today! 

Artificial grass is easy to maintain, durable and looks the part! Mud will be a thing of the past with our child friendly artificial grass. Your little ones can enjoy hours of mess-free fun with our safe and secure products. 

When supplying nurseries and schools, The Artificial Grass Company Scotland are more than happy to come and present to the board of governors or PTA. This will enable us to share our expertise and ensure all parties are aware of the necessary criteria.

Family Garden

Looking for the perfect grass to suit your family? Our family garden artificial grass is the answer! Mud, mess and torn grass will be a thing of the past when you transform your lawn with our artificial grass. 

Here at The Artificial Grass Company Scotland, we understand how important it is for your garden to be practical, as well as looking the part. That's why our durable and eye-catching artificial grass is the ideal solution for your family. Keep your little ones safe and mess free with our practical solution!

Supply Only Artificial Grass

Are your customers looking for a clean, durable and hassle free grass solution? Our supply only artificial grass is the answer! 

Artificial grass looks and feels the part, making it eye catching and appealing to customers. This makes it the perfect installation in commercial settings. Commercial site artificial grass application possibilities are endless. Our fake grass is ideal for all kinds of businesses, from children's play areas to shopping centres, as well as schools and sports facilities.

Bespoke Putting Green 

Is it your dream to play golf all year round, from the comfort of your own home? Then our artificial putting greens are for you! 

The manufactured grass simulates the look and feel of a putting green, so you can have your very own green wherever you please. 

Our putting greens make the perfect gift for a special occasion or to surprise the golf lover in your life.

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

Looking for the perfect grass to suit your furry friends? Our pet-friendly artificial grass is the answer! 

Mud, urine stains and torn grass will be a thing of the past when you transform your lawn with our artificial grass. 

Here at the Artificial Grass Company, we understand that owners want a fun and safe environment for their pets to roll, play and do their business. Your pets can also enjoy a pesticide free environment too! 

Enjoy a realistic look and feel with our advanced artificial grass. Request a quote today!